Lion of Jordan: The Life of King Hussein in War and Peace

“King Hussein of Jordan was a man of slight build who possessed a powerful personality and immense political stature. He was in every respect except the physical a towering figure whose courage helped to earn him the popular title ‘Lion of Jordan'”

Hussein and Abdullah: Inside the Jordanian Royal Family

“During his forty-six-year reign, the Hashemite king preserved his kingdom against rising Islamism and maintained its neutrality in the face of the conflicting interests of neighbouring countries”

Jordan after King Hussein

“In the Middle East poverty generally goes along with down-trodden insignificance. The late, much admired, King Hussein broke that rule. Jordan’s poverty meant that it dared not fall out with too many of its neighbours. Hussein’s greatest talent was for duplicity: for convincing people who hated one another implacably and fundamentally that he agreed wholly with them both”

Jordan in Transition: From Hussein to Abdullah

“Unlike the reigning, but not ruling, monarchies of many of Europe’s industrial and postindustrial democracies, the monarchies of the Middle East both reign and rule. But Jordan remains a unique casa even in the Middle Eastern context”

From Abdullah to Hussein: Jordan in Transition

“After a quarter-century as amir and then another five years as king, Abdullah’s reign was synonymous, not merely coterminous, with Transjordan’s consolidation, autonomy, independence, and, ultimately, expansion”

King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life

“The reference to democracy being ‘reborn’ was particularly interesting, carrying as it did connotations of a return to the pre-1958 ‘democratic’ system under the Hashemite monarchy”