Democratic Parliamentary Monarchies

“Students of democratization would do well to think about monarchy more. In particular, they should pay closer attention to the role that monarchies have played in the evolution of democracy”

King Abdullah, Britain and the Making of Jordan

“Abdullah, a son of the Sharif of Mecca and a member of the Ottoman elite, emerged after the First World War as a contender for power in a Middle East dominated by Britain owing to his alliance with Britain in the Arab revolt. To his disappointment, he ended up in the arid territory of Transjordan”.

King Hussein and the Challenge of Arab Radicalism: Jordan 1955-1967

“The king’s constitutional position is as expected in a parliamentary monarchy in which by custom he plays an active part: he is the supreme commander of the armed forces, alone possesses the executive authority, and shares the legislative authority with a parliament consisting of an appointed Senate and an elected Chamber”

Desarrollos políticos en el Reino Hachemí: la Primavera Árabe desde la óptica jordana

“La monarquía jordana ha sido clasificada como una «monarquía eje», en la que el rol político del monarca, a pesar de tener este poderes ejecutivos reales, no está estrechamente vinculado al desarrollo político diario, sino a un marco político más amplio que lo mantiene, de una u otra forma, alejado de ser identificado con los problemas políticos diarios”

The Social and Economic Origins of Monarchy in Jordan

“A form of rule once derided as incapable of dealing with the strains of modernization is now touted as an effective means of building nations and states, and even of mediating ‘pacted’ transitions to democracy and rule of law”