Queen Elizabeth II and the Evolution of the Monarchy

“For the great majority of the population, Queen Elizabeth II is the only monarch on the throne they have ever known. She became Queen on 6 February 1952, with her coronation taking place the following year on 2 June 1953”.

Royal Relations

“The involvement of kings and queens in international diplomacy is nothing new, but the monarchies of Spain and the UK have a particularly interesting shared history”

Monarchies as Corporate Brands

“The monarchy has been studied in terms of its historical evolution, its legal and constitutional aspects, its political dimensions, and even the status of its members as public figures or celebrities. However, it has rarely been explored in terms of management, and to our knowledge never explored as a brand”

The Public Budget Cost of Some Monarchies and Republics in Western Europe

“The public budget systems of the eight West European monarchies and the two republics considered use a variety of systems for the civil lists and allocations granted to their heads of state. For this reason it is very difficult to compare the systems with one another”

Economic Growth and Institutional Reform in Modern Monarchies and Republics: A Historical Cross‐Country Perspective 1820‐2000

“Monarchs share one important feature, which is unobtainable by ordinary politicians: their time horizon when considering public action by definition extends to the rest of their life and probably longer, given their concern for their children and perhaps also for the preservation of the monarchy”

Monarchies: What are Kings and Queens For?

“The respect for the monarchy is maintained by the way in which the heads of state, at critical junctures, have carefully managed to play a temporising and refereeing role. This respect has been enhanced by the manner in which political leaders have cultivated the image of the monarch as a reliable king-arbitrator (vide Belgium) or a stable supervisory power above the political parties (vide the Netherlands)”

The Diamond Queen

Andrew Marr looks at the life and reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II in this three-part series, which includes special interviews with Princes William and Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips, the Earl of Wessex, the Duke of York, the Princess Royal, David Cameron, Tony Blair, Sir John Major and President Obama.

Modernising the monarchy

“The monarchy is a focus for a sense of national unity that permeates much of society. In many ways this symbolic function, providing material for a national dream of unity and continuity, is the core role of the monarchy”