Modern Monarchy: a Comparative View from Denmark

“Royalty deserves more attention than it receives from social scientists trying to understand modern western European democracies. It is as if monarchy, much like religion, is seen as irrelevant in a modern, secular, democratic world”.

Democratic Parliamentary Monarchies

“Students of democratization would do well to think about monarchy more. In particular, they should pay closer attention to the role that monarchies have played in the evolution of democracy”

The Public Budget Cost of Some Monarchies and Republics in Western Europe

“The public budget systems of the eight West European monarchies and the two republics considered use a variety of systems for the civil lists and allocations granted to their heads of state. For this reason it is very difficult to compare the systems with one another”

Economic Growth and Institutional Reform in Modern Monarchies and Republics: A Historical Cross‐Country Perspective 1820‐2000

“Monarchs share one important feature, which is unobtainable by ordinary politicians: their time horizon when considering public action by definition extends to the rest of their life and probably longer, given their concern for their children and perhaps also for the preservation of the monarchy”