The Crown and Canadian Federalism

“The Crown in Canada – the institution of constitutional monarchy – all too often has been treated in the media or in academe as an archaic relic which has no place in a modern democratic society, despite abundant evidence to the contrary”

Economic Growth and Institutional Reform in Modern Monarchies and Republics: A Historical Cross‐Country Perspective 1820‐2000

“Monarchs share one important feature, which is unobtainable by ordinary politicians: their time horizon when considering public action by definition extends to the rest of their life and probably longer, given their concern for their children and perhaps also for the preservation of the monarchy”

The Queen’s Other Realms: The Crown and Its Legacy in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

“Monarchy endures as a constitutional framework for government in more than 20 liberal democratic states, 15 of which share their monarch with the United Kingdom. The current Commonwealth family of 16 crowns, scattered across the globe, is an achievement without parallel in the history of international relations or constitutional law”