Monarch, monarchy, succession and stability in Thailand

“The informal role of the monarch in supporting democracy has also been shared, to some degree, with a larger and more influential privy council, and especially with its president. Consequently, future monarchical succession should see considerable continuity and stability”.

Network monarchy and legitimacy crises in Thailand

“Network monarchy developed considerable influence, but never achieved the conditions for domination. Instead, the palace was obliged to work with and through other political institutions, primarily the elected parliament”.

Constitutional Monarchs in Parliamentary Democracies

” Constitutional monarchs embody and represent the legitimate constitutional authority of the state, performing ceremonial and official functions in which the identity and authority of the state as such, rather than that of the incumbent government, is emphasized”.

Saying the Unsayable: Monarchy and Democracy in Thailand

“Among contemporary monarchies Thailand is a unique case. Not only does King Bhumibol hold quite extraordinary political powers for a constitutional monarch. He is also the longest reigning monarch among the current kings and queens in the world”.

La monarquía malherida

“La monarquía se convirtió en el símbolo nacional que mejor funcionó en la España democrática, capaz de encarnar un país renovado e integrado en el mundo”.

Modern Monarchy: a Comparative View from Denmark

“Royalty deserves more attention than it receives from social scientists trying to understand modern western European democracies. It is as if monarchy, much like religion, is seen as irrelevant in a modern, secular, democratic world”.

Juan Carlos I Embajador de España

Documental emitido por Televisión Española en el 30 aniversario de la proclamación de Juan Carlos I como Rey de España.