La racionalidad de la monarquía parlamentaria

“La Corona, lejos de ser una institución caduca, puede concebirse como una Autoridad Política Independiente (API) que se asemeja a otra innovación tan joven como la monarquía constitucional: las Autoridades Administrativas Independientes (AAI)”

El futuro de la monarquía saudí: Estabilidad política y sucesión al trono

“En Arabia Saudí, el rey reina y gobierna. Es también una teocracia islámica, el rey custodia los lugares santos islámicos. El reino posee auctoritas -ante 1.200 millones de musulmanes- derivada de la custodia de la Meca, y potestas otorgada por su riqueza petrolera”.

The Stability of Royal Autocracy

“The process of political consolidation started in earnest with the emir Ali, during whose reign state institutions proliferated thanks to oil revenues, and more important, who organised and codified, as much as possible, the allocation of allowances to members of the ruling family”.

The Monarchy in Spain

“With almost all competences formally linked to the King’s role as Head of State, the monarch only carries out a ‘formal act’, whereas decisions rest with the Government and responsibility rests with the countersignatory of the King’s acts”.

Morocco: Monarchy, legitimacy, and succession

“Its uniqueness lies in the weight given to the role of the monarchy, with its links to pre-colonial political structures and their specific characteristics of continuity, longevity and religious legitimacy”.

Monarch, monarchy, succession and stability in Thailand

“The informal role of the monarch in supporting democracy has also been shared, to some degree, with a larger and more influential privy council, and especially with its president. Consequently, future monarchical succession should see considerable continuity and stability”.

Network monarchy and legitimacy crises in Thailand

“Network monarchy developed considerable influence, but never achieved the conditions for domination. Instead, the palace was obliged to work with and through other political institutions, primarily the elected parliament”.